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A spacious and serene room large enough to comfortably seat 40 people. The perfect space for a variety of activities where you can enjoy an amazing full kitchen and sun-drenched space. The room boasts one side of four floor-to-ceiling windows creating the ideal space for yoga and meditation classes, workshops, lectures, cooking classes, and special events.

Room size is 40’ x 17’


The rental fee includes the following amenities:

  • 50” flat screen TV

  • DVD player

  • Drywall board

  • Air conditioner and heat

  • The fully equipped kitchen includes dishwasher, microwaves, pots, pans, and utensils

  • Front desk support

  • Bathroom

  • Elevator

  • Projector


Rental fee:

  • $80 per hour (day rates available)

  • 50% charge if cancellation is made less than 48 hours in advance

  • $80 per hour overtime if no one else has booked the room

  • 3% Service Fee will be applied. 


Yoga mats will be provided upon request.


Call (212) 260 6084 for more details.

Please complete the form to reserve

the studio and we'll contact you.

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