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As you enter Ayurveda’s World, Dr (Vaidya) Naina Marballi B.S.A.M., D.A.C. Ayurvedacharya who has over 35 years of experience in Ayurveda consulting and teaching, leads you into a world of total of mind and body health through pulse reading, nutrition guidance, chakra evaluation and  balancing,  Vedic astrology, shirodhara, marma abhyanga, udvartana, panchakarma, Ayurveda face lift facials and various authentic Ayurveda therapies according to your unique constitution of body and mind. In New York, Dr. Naina has successfully healed all types of ailments like obesity, skin & hair problems, arthritis, all kinds of pains, anxiety, depression, constipation, digestive disorders, allergies, cold, sinusitis and various other ailments with Ayurveda nutrition and Ayurveda therapies. Dr. Naina also conducts Ayurveda workshops and AADP Accredited Study Programs on a regular basis in New York. Ayurveda Center in Manhattan: http://casino.us.org/