Hot-Water-Kettle-Winter-Ayurveda-Suggestion-PostWe are currently in the season that increases Kapha and Vata so I was inspired to simply share a few general suggestions. In this season, people may be more prone to experience digestion and sinus problems, colds, flu, pains & aches (especially the joints), anxiety, sleep difficulty, or low enthusiasm.

Diet style is one way to address this. I recommend warm, easy-to-digest foods be included in your diet. Cook legumes very well to soften and digest more easily. Try to minimize uncooked foods this season, but if consume raw foods do so chopped very well or blended, or as smoothies. It’s always good to combine green leafy vegetables with stem vegetables (such as asparagus, squash, etc) to balance Kapha and Vata. Also, cook flowery vegetables (like broccoli and cauliflower) with root vegetables (like carrots and beets).

At least once per week (and more if possible), cook a simple meal with your own hands using your love and energy and share it with someone to energize the love, peace and patience within yourself.

For hydration, sip hot water slowly and with love throughout the day.

To aid with better sleep, consider applying sesame oil to the body before bed (such as 100ml oil to 20 drops rosemary essential oil).

If having difficulty maintaining regular exercise, stretching 10-15 minutes in the mornings and evenings can help mobility of joints in the winter.

Alternate nostril breathing can be helpful and will soon be described in more detail. And I think I will also post a recipe of Ajwain (carom seeds) tea to help with digestion and pains & aches from the cold weather.

That’s all for now.

Love & Light, Naina