A special combination of two Ayurvedic body therapies has just been combined to help friends/admirers express their fondness & affection in an Ayurvedic way: Shodhan Abhyanga and Udvartana (Ayurvedic Herbal Exfoliation).

Ayurvedic herbal infused warm oil bodywork followed by Ayurvedic Herbal Exfoliation made with apricot kernel, coconut husk , lavender flower and coconut oil. These two divine therapies remove & cleanse ama (toxins) improving blood circulation and stimulating nervous system and metabolism. Thoroughly relaxing and rejuvenating.

Special price available February 14th through March 30th 2015 (may be redeemed after March 30th if desired)

A magnificent two-hour session for only $185 ($240 value). Click here (Specials) for details.