Simply an illustration of the Chakra centers

Why balancing the Chakras are essential for complete health of body and mind?

Chakras are energy centers in the emotional body through which the universal life force flows into the physical body. All the seven chakras are connected with its defined body organs. The body is a mass of cells. Each cell has five elements, own unique intellect and energy. For maintaining balance and consistent good health it is essential that this energy flows freely from one cell to another. With the help of your Paraná (life force), Ojas (immunity power) and Tejas (transformation capacity) we create this awareness leading to the energy flowing freely. Modern life has created many imbalances and chaos but Ayurveda comes as a boon for creating balance and restoring us with the energy for fulfilling our life journey with a youthful , healthy and happy zest.

Dr. Naina works to bring that amazing sync in energy for restoring and balancing all the chakra fields with combinations of oils, essential oils and hot/warm stones and peace inspiring sounds of mantra.

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