Thank you to all who were able to attend last night’s New Moon Meditation event despite the icy/slushy conditions!
It was a wonderful event full of love, learning, advancing, healing, connecting, and more!!!
The right words escape me…how would YOU describe it???
I will share that before the event, Dr. Naina was so touched that many people were expressing interest in coming despite the weather…and tender motherly concern arose in her whether she and Rumana made enough food for all as the RSVPs kept coming in…it was very cute.  Well, there was plenty for all and it was AMAZING, homemade Ayurvedic food undeniably made with love! (as always!)
Much love and gratitude to Earinside for helping fill the center with even more love, color and harmony.
They will join us again next month March 5 so please RSVP here if you would like to attend to learn more about and experience Ayurveda + meditation (ALL are welcome–from those who are well-experienced, and anyone simply curious to learn more).
Beautiful things are happening at Ayurvedas World and we are glad you are a part of it! 🙂

Click image or [link] below to see more pics…