Learn the Art of Performing Ayurvedic Face Lift Therapy (For yourself & others) 

The most non-invasive and non-surgical technique for keeping your skin and spirit ever youthful and renewed. A great Facial_300x400learning tool for all practicing estheticians, massage therapists and all alternative modality practitioners.

Nature has created everyone beautiful and the science of Ayurveda provides all inputs to maintain and enhance this beauty. The Ayurveda Face Lift Therapy brings together the principles of Chakra, Marma and Aromatherapy. This is a non-invasive technique which does not require too much of special preparation. The scalp, face, neck and shoulders are massaged and Marma points are triggered with pressure creating a balancing effect on all the chakras. Herbs, spices, infused oils and fruits etc from kitchen and garden are used generously to create the balance, detoxify and to give you the youthful glow.

The Ayurveda face lift reduces wrinkles, expression lines, tightens facial contours, tones and improves the complexion, releases stress and tension in the surrounding muscle and brings out a positive, radiant and youthful confident appearance.

You will learn the following:

  • Introduction to principles of Ayurveda
  • How to evaluate Unique Individual constitution (Prakruti )
  • How to determine individual skin type
  • Co-relation of Chakra with Marma points.
  • Ayurvedic aroma therapy according to unique constitution.
  • Marma points on the face and neck that relate to body constitution and different organs.
  • Full sequences of traditional Ayurvedic face lift massage.

Adopting this technique of face lift therapy can form an integral part of your daily wellness regime creating anti-aging, detoxify and rejuvenating effect on body, mind and consciousness. This therapy will keep you always in touch with yourself giving you a feeling of youthfulness and confidence.

Two-Day Workshop

When: Coming Soon.

Time: 12pm-5:00pm each day

Tuition: $350 + tax

Upon completion of the workshop, all participants completing the course will receive a Course Certificate from Ayurvedas World. No refunds or cancellations.

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