Ayurveda Cooking CLass IngredientsAyurveda Cooking Workshop

Revitalize your senses with tasty and healthy Ayurvedic meals by Dr. Naina Marballi.
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shirodharaAyurveda Shirodhara Workshop

Shirodhara is one of the most ancient and effective forms of Ayurveda therapy

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Ayurveda_FacialAyurveda Face Lift Therapy Workshop

Learn the Art of Performing Ayurvedic Face Lift Therapy (For yourself & others)
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Ayurveda_Oils_DrNainaAyurveda Uses of Oils and Ghee Workshop

For Healing Mind, Body and Spirit. Click here for details

Ayurveda Holistic Nutrition Certification Study ProgramAyurveda_Certification_AADP

This in-depth, accredited, 150-hour weekend study program is much more than a workshop, but is being listed here as well to make sure you dont miss this ultimate learning opportunity we offer.
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