Ayurveda Holistic Health Consultation

Dr-Naina-Ayurveda-Copywrited-Elements-Lotus-NYCDr. Naina Marballi, B.S.A.M Ayurveda Acharya who is a well known leading Ayurveda Physician in NEW YORK City (NYC) located in Lower Manhattan, with over thirty five years of unparalleled experience in Ayurveda consultations, teaching and Health analysis systemically works out your detailed unique Ayurvedic health chart to achieve total health of inner and outer body, mind and spirit. This is based on your unique individual constitution dominated by air, space, fire, earth, water, vibrations of your pulse and chakras, Vedic Astrology, present health condition, age and environment.Through pulse vibrations the pathology of your mind, body and status of chakras is ascertained. This information is then correlated with Vedic astrology to plan and design diet style and life style taking into account the four pillars of Ayurveda Nutrition (please see below) and also taking into consideration Ayurveda  principles of healing through the five senses (please see below)

What We Are Offering: Our Ayurveda Expert Dr. Naina formulates an effective and specific life style and diet plan which is unique for each Individual based on one’s constitution for prevention and healing of ailments and maintenance of good health. We analyze the capacity of your individual life force, transformation and immunity according to the dominant presence of the five elements in the cell which are (air, space, fire, water and earth) and  taking into account your unique constitution (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). We suggest to you the ideal foods, Ayurvedic herbs, yoga asanas, breathing exercises (pranayama), specific types of meditation and sleep patterns according to the elements dominant in your constitution and the present state of imbalance of these elements to design your life style and diet plan for you according to your unique constitution to achieve amazing results leading to a rejuvenated,  healthy body and mind to live a longer life full of happiness.

Initial Consultation : $175 (or if it has been longer than 4 months since your previous consultation)
Follow-up Sessions: $95 (If it has been less than 4 months since your previous consultation)

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