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Ayurveda’s World (vedic Glow) is one of the most established Ayurveda centers in New York, managed by world renowned Ayurveda Physician, Vaidya (Dr.) Naina Marballi. (Ayurvedacharya). It is also one of a very few centers in the United States providing  AADP certified Ayurveda Study Programs.

Our center in Lower-Manhattan, NYC, specializes in Ayurveda Workshops, Ayurveda Study Programs, Ayurveda Consulting, Ayurveda Therapies, Panchkarma and Ayurveda Skin Care for  visitors from all over the world. Vaidya Naina and her team provide expert counseling & training that can help you to deepen your awareness and provide a better meaning to health, vision and goals.

The center is conveniently located in the heart of NYC, very close to the subway train station  2,3,4,5,A,C,J,G on the junction of Nassau Street and Fulton Street. We offer a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere to visitors from all parts of the world.

Our Ayurveda Programs are designed for all budgets and lifestyles.

Ayurvedas World integrates the organic healing wisdom of nature; and custom blending the purest herbs, roots, flowers and minerals into individual therapies for complete rejuvenation.

It is the desire of Dr. Naina–and all of her students–to share and spread the wisdom of Ayurveda far and wide so please do get connected with our center, our community. Sign up for our newsletter down below, attend a free event (see events page), join our community on facebook, or contact us directly with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have.

Love & Light,

Ayurvedas World

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